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Learn technical analysis in the classroom or from your home as per your comfort.

Investors or traders, who want to earn money from the stock market, should have a deep drive knowledge of the financial market. Fundamental and technical analysis are two major courses for investor and trader respectively, help them to earn profit from the stock market.


Technical Analysis full course included overviews of currency, commodities and Indian securities market. Technical Analysis program gives you the knowledge of the equity market, basic factors that affect the movements of the market.



You can start online training of technical analysis from anywhere or any device. Technical Analysis of stocks is a scientific investigation of data without including emotions which often drives share market prices. It is an analysis technique that forecasts the direction of prices via information of past market data, volume and primarily price.



Technical analysis has different types of techniques including candlestick analysis, harmonics, Elliott wave theory, and Dow Theory. Employ trading rules of technical analysis depends on price and volume transformations inter-market and intra-market price correlations, stock market cycles and moving average regressions through acknowledgment of chart patterns. Technical analysis allows you to analyze money flow, volume, psychology, price and other information of market while fundamental analysis looks for the factors of market, company, currency, and commodity.


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